A smart microgrid for a small town – TIGON presents the case of Naantali (Finland)

Microgrid solutions being developed by the EU-funded project TIGON were presented at Sustainable Places 2021 in Rome. Alessandra Cuneo from RINA, speaking, focused on the small coastal town of Naantali, one of two "use cases" involved in the project.

This use case will study how the solutions based on the shared use of regional solar photovoltaic power plants and common energy storage facilities can cover a larger part of the energy needs than individual power plants.

Naantali will integrate a photovoltaic power plant and an energy storage connected to several houses through a smart low voltage direct current (LVDC) microgrid. This will enable the energy produced to be distributed locally in the most optimal and fair way among the residents. Connection of electric vehicles charging stations to the system will be made possible, allowing the use of a carbon-neutral energy source for electric cars and small electric vehicles, and increasing the energy storage capacity.

Attendees included researchers from universities and research organisations and delegates from other H2020 projects. They were interested in the overall project objectives and in the technologies for enabling AC/DC hybrid grids, especially the solid state transformer.

The presentation slides are available here.

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