Japanese grid experts visit a TIGON demo site

Experts from Japan's national research and development agency NEDO have visited one of our demo sites – CIEMAT in Soria – to get first-hand knowledge of the project's work on DC/AC hybrid grids.

The visit in early March, in the form of an on-site workshop, was organised by CIRCE and CIEMAT which operates the demo site. Thanks to ongoing collaboration through the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), NEDO and project partner CIRCE have maintained close ties as TIGON progresses. They both participate in their countries’ respective IEC committees.

Project technical manager Jesús Muñoz-Cruzado Alba from CIRCE states: “What we’re doing here at the CIEMAT demo will help inform policy and raise awareness about microgrid solutions and challenges. We’re therefore pleased to welcome three colleagues from Japan’s national research and development agency NEDO for an on-site workshop. Right from the start of our TIGON, the Japanese have showed much interest in what we’re doing to address hybrid DC/AC grids and the current issues for its implementation.”

The workshop thus offered an opportunity for these Japanese experts, who work as part of the IEC SyC LVDC Japan National Committee, to look at some of the specific technologies we’re developing at the demo. In particular, they were interested in grid topologies, protection schemes, and SST devices.


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