Multiple fronts open at Spanish demo site

The local demo team has been preparing the ground for the rollout of TIGON's demonstration microgrid.

Various fronts have opened at our Spanish demo site. Here is an update on what’s going on.

To integrate the future smart grid based on DC architecture with the current energy system, the site has been equipped with four new buildings which contain a range of power electronics equipment and converters. This will allow the generation sources and storage systems to be connected to the pilot DC grid.

In addition to the delivery of this equipment, 3000V and 800V cable lines have now been buried.


Aerial view of Spanish demo site with new buildings and solar panels in foreground
ACDC converter


The team has also configured a data network to interconnect all the equipment with an EMS (Energy Management System), which is currently under development.


A small wind turbine with an inverter has been installed on the CEDER’s AC microgrid, and also a converter that will be connected to the DC grid once it is operational. A photovoltaic park of 54 panels of 410W each with a 20kW inverter has also been set up and will also be connected to the CEDER’s microgrid.

Wind power to feed into the microgrid
Solar power will be part of the renewable energy mix

A storage system based on Pb-acid batteries (120 glasses of 2 V and 7765 Ah) has been set up, connected to the CEDER micro-grid through a 20 kW inverter. Finally, programmable loads have been connected to reproduce different consumption patterns, up to a maximum of 20kW.

Programmable loads
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