Smart microgrid at French demo site – initial works go ahead

In preparation of going live this summer, the site has taken delivery of the microgrid hardware, which is now ready to be installed.

The French demo site, run by CEA INES, is one of four showcases in the TIGON project.

In addition to the new equipment, the works on the new facility that will host the microgrid and power electronics laboratory are underway.

The new facility, a 1200m2 building, will be home to the CEA’s laboratories for power electronics and smart grid activities. The building will host the low voltage PV plant and battery, loads, and other components necessary for the demo. Five hundred meters of MVDC (medium-voltage direct current) line will connect the demo main site to the medium voltage PV plant installed on another building at INES.

Works underway to house power electronics and other smart grid components


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