Update from our Spanish demo site

Over the past months, the physical architecture and grid assets have been set up and connected

Various works and trouble-shooting have been going on at the demo site managed by  CEDER-CIEMAT, located in Soria, Spain.

We’ve now constructed the building for the solid-state transformer and the 3 kV converters with a Faraday cage. Resistive loads for direct connection to the 800 Vdc network have been developed and the network’s protections have been installed.

In addition, we’ve installed the lithium battery AC loads and converter, DC loads in control building. Some small technical issues like an electromagnetic noise problem in lithium batteries have arisen and so we have been troubleshooting these. Another such issue was fuse problems in the photovoltaic converter.

Operation and monitoring has now started with tests with photovoltaic, DC loads, AC loads and lithium batteries. We’re also tesing the control system that we’ve set up. This system has been designed to manage the TIGON network.

Cabinet Main 800 Vd Breaker

Cabinet for PV, wind turbine, lithium batteries, DC loads and AC load breakers


Control building with DC loads, AC loads, EMS and lithium batteries

New building for the 3 kV elements (SST and CEA converters)



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