AC-DC power grids – resiliency, flexibility and ecology

EU-funded projects HYPERRIDE and TIGON examine the potential of medium and low voltage AC-DC power grids in Europe.

How does the future of hybrid power grids look in Europe? How can these grids help to better connect and balance valuable renewable energy? These are some of the areas covered by an article jointly produced by two EU-funded projects: HYPERRIDE and TIGON. 

Entitled “Towards Resilient Hybrid Medium and Low Voltage AC-DC Power Grids – A European Perspective“, their work identifies the main drivers for hybrid AC-DC electricity grids, now and in the future. It looks at the technology, use cases, the regulatory environment and the need for better standardisation.  It was presented as part of the CIGRE South East European Regional Council Conference 2021.

The authors draw on the common positioning of their respective projects and on other international DC-grid initiative to offer insights into future developments, potential and challenges of hybrid power grids. 

The two projects will continue to work together in the future, sharing skills, knowledge and best practices. View article here:

Towards Resilient hybrid Medium and Low Voltage AC-DC Power Grids

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