Demo site hosts delegation from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute

Tigon's Spanish demo site team and experts from the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan, have shared their insights on pioneering microgrids

A delegation from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has visited the facilities of CEDER-CIEMAT in Soria, Spain, for a workshop on microgrids.

ITRI is a prominent non-profit R&D organisation dedicated to applying technological innovations across various industrial sectors, fostering economic and technological advancement.

The delegation included:

  • Yung-Fu Huang (Deputy Director of the Power Electronics and Electric Systems Division, ITRI)
  • Erika Ho (Account Manager, Europe Business Division, ITRI)
  • Pilar de Miguel (Program Manager Taiwan, the Department of Foreign Technological Action, CDTI)

At the event, ITRI presented their microgrid and discussed the ups and downs of energy management, data storage and the integration of components into the grid.

The Tigon demo site then presented the most novel aspects of the project and highlighted the integration of advanced technologies that optimise energy management and network resilience.

Smart grid specialist Paula Peña Carro from CEDER-CIEMAT said: “We are proud to share our progress with ITRI and CDTI and look forward to continuing our work together to tackle the energy challenges of the future.”

The meeting emphasised the importance of international collaboration in the field of renewable energy and electrical infrastructure. Both institutions underscored the significance of such projects in driving innovation and promoting global energy sustainability.


Photo credit: CEDER-CIEMAT


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