TIGON demonstrates hybrid AC/DC electricity grid innovations for greener, more resilient and secure power networks

As the world turns away from fossil fuels, electricity grids need to integrate more renewable energy sources. They also need to handle more electrical equipment such as connected objects, LED lighting and storage systems.

However, power grids use alternating current to transmit electricity whereas most popular renewable energy sources, storage and modern devices use direct current. Hybrid AC/DC microgrids with efficient conversion and control technologies offer a way forward but they need to be further developed, tested and demonstrated.

Over four years, TIGON will set up two demonstration microgrids in France and Spain. They will integrate solar power, energy storage systems, electric vehicle charging points and other DC loads using pioneering grid technologies such as solid state transformers, DC/DC converters and energy management systems.

In addition, new protection schemes, cybersecurity and decision-making tools will be developed for DC-based grids. The aim is to push up technology readiness levels for the widespread roll-out of microgrids.

TIGON is led by Spanish technology centre Fundación CIRCE and it draws on a 15-strong team from Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The project runs from September 2020 to August 2024.