Newsletter – What’s small, hybrid and flexible?


Direct current helps us to harness renewable energy sources and to increase the use of electric vehicles, LEDs and other DC loads. Unfortunately connecting distributed DC-generated electricity to the AC legacy infrastructure often means multiple – and inefficient – conversions.

Advanced hybrid microgrids offer a flexible way of dealing with this. Our project – TIGON – is designing such a system. Despite the Covid pandemic preventing us from meeting physically, we’ve been able to map the advantages and challenges of microgrids. Interestingly, it’s not all about the technology, but also about regulations and standards. In this newsletter you can learn more about this mapping.

Drawing on this groundwork, we’re developing a physical grid architecture and management software and rolling out demonstration cases one in France, the other in Spain. Stay tuned as we gear up to this key stage in the project.

This newsletter will come out every four months and will be of interest to grid operators, technology providers, policy makers and the general public alike. We’ll adapt the level of technicity accordingly. If you’re not an expert, the newsletter articles will give you a gist of our work, and if you are, then you’ll find links to more indepth reports and publications like the ones in this issue.

You can also interact us on Twitter and LinkedIn or via the TIGON website.

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