WAMPAC, EMS and DSS – learn about our pioneering software for microgrids.

We've now completed a report on the software applications that we've been developing for microgrids.

Most of our readers will recognise the acronyms, but we don’t want to leave anyone behind. Here’s what they mean:

  • Wide Area Monitoring, Control and Protection
  • Energy Management System
  • Decision-Support System

They’re all key components in the TIGON project which combines software and hardware.

The WAMPAC represents a pioneering protection algorithm specifically designed for direct-current microgrids. The EMS oversees and controls the power system at our two demo sites. And the DSS plays a crucial role in helping design and operate hybrid grids with great precision.

Read the report here. And you can find more resources from the project here.


Photo credit: Christine Morillo on Pexels

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